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Tired of attempting to determine if a particular guitar or amp is the right one for you while a 16-year old kid is playing his version of Metallica riffs next to you at a volume level that is painful?

That is not an environment conducive with making a good purchasing decision!

We offer a unique & truly personal service when choosing your instrument or amplifier. Our service is entirely by appointment, in a relaxed, quiet sound-proof studio and totally friendly setting. Completely opposite from the usual “Guitar Store” experience!

Phone us 24/7, anytime to arrange an appointment at (863) 701-3538. We look forward to serving you!


Monday thru Friday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Jelyfinger Guitars was founded in 2003 by Kevin Calhoun. Kevin, Ebay Powerseller “Jelyfinger”, rapidly became an elite seller of fine electric guitars. Kevin has been playing guitar for over 35 years and has been a professional player for well over 25 of those years. His passion for guitar, product knowledge & expertise, philosophy of offering the world’s finest instruments at the best prices and unparalleled service was the foundation of the business.

With a keen eye for quality and detail coupled with his genuine concern & care for a customer’s best interests along with rendering good ole’ fashioned customer service are the ingredients that have made Jelyfinger Guitars so successful.

Please take a moment & read a few of the hundreds of customer comments from satisfied buyers worldwide!

Customer Comments


All of our instruments are “hand selected” and are the “best of the best” of each respective model guitars. Each instrument is thoroughly inspected for craftsmanship, fit & finish, playability & to ensure electronics are operating to design intent. Once the instrument passes our quality control inspection then & only then is it offered for sale. Any instrument found with any issue is returned to our suppliers. We are not stuck with whatever a manufacturer sends us!

We are an authorized Bogner & Splawn Amplification dealer as well as Xotic effects, Blackbird Pedalboards & others. We are not an authorized Gibson, Fender, Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, Jackson dealer & no manufacturer warranties are expressed or implied. We are resellers of brand new, unplayed high end, rare and limited production instruments. We guarantee that the guitars are in the stated advertised condition and the pictures are of the exact instrument offered. All pictures & artwork are property of Jelyfinger Guitars.

Instrument serial numbers are not displayed for internet security (fraud protection) and will only be given to the buyer of the instrument.

Gibson®, Fender®, Paul Reed Smith®, Ibanez®, Jackson®, Gretsch®, Dean® & Plek® are registered trademarks of their respective companies.