The Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package exclusively @ Jelyfinger Guitars

The Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package exclusively @ Jelyfinger Guitars

Exclusively at Jelyfinger Guitars, the Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package offered makes your pedalboard building process a breeze!

Jelyfinger Guitars takes two outstanding products: Blackbird Pedalboards & Voodoo Lab Pedal Power® line of award winning power supplies and creates a “turn-key” package where your Voodoo Lab power supply of your choice (see photo) is mounted to the Blackbird Pedalboard. We professionally hard-wire the power supply to an ac inlet using a right angle IEC cable for a neat & clean set-up…everything is done for you & the labor is completely FREE!

Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package Image

Once installed, your Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package will power your board by simply running any grounded extension cord from your pedalboard to power on stage. No more messing with short power supply cords.

Every Blackbird Pedalboard is made right here in the USA with a close eye on quality and detail. The frame is made with 3/4″ cabinet grade birch plywood & the top is made using 1/2″ birch plywood. For added strength, Blackbird Pedalboards use a rabbet wood joint at the corners of the frame to ensure maximum durability and bonding. Every section of the frame is also routed out to support the top on all sides. Although the extra wood joinery takes much longer to build, the result is a pedal board that can hold up to the abuses of constant gigging.
The pitch of each Blackbird Pedalboard lends accessibility & comfort regardless of pedal position or placement. This pitch angle design also allows you to mount your favorite power supply & wiring under the board and with the pre-bored holes on the sides & top to mount A/C Power Inlet, ¼” jacks or route your power cables through, it is quite simple to achieve quality results & maintain a professional topside appearance on your board.

Black Solderless 1/4″ Jacks. These jacks are a plug-and-play setup and will also serve as a stereo signal with TRS connections on each side.

Full Loop Velcro Carpet Top. Tired of your pedals not sticking to your carpet top after only a few uses? We’ve now upgraded our Blackbird pedalboards to a full loop top. The loop fabric offers the highest bond with Velcro and has a much higher life-cycle than a standard carpet top. Tops come with 4″ oval grommets for easy cable routing and access. The grommets are all recessed to ensure they wont get in the way of your pedals and give you much more flexibility for wiring and powering your board.

Designed to meet the needs of professional users, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power® line of award winning power supplies provide clean, consistent power, even with the poor AC line conditions often found on stage. Completely isolated output sections eliminate ground loops and unwanted interactions between effects, resulting in lower noise and noticeably improved tone.

Buy your Blackbird Pedalboard Turn-Key Package from us today and let’s start building your dream rig!