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Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Amplifier Head



The Friedman Mini Dirty Shirley head is a little 20-watt, EL-84 powered single
channel beast of a classic rock amp designed by Dave Friedman inspired by mid-gain crunch tones by British Tube Amps from the 60’s and 70’s.

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The new Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini 20 watt, hand-wired head by Dave Friedman & Friedman Amplification is a compact & very portable version of full-size Dirty Shirley with all the classic rock inspired British mid gain crunch tones you could ever dream of  & she cleans up nicely when rolling off the guitar’s volume knob offering extreme versatility.

Dave Friedman is one of the most well known amp modders and designers in the L.A. music scene for the past 20 years. Dave has been designing & building guitar rigs for the stars since the early nineties & has now brought his talent to you with the extraordinary Friedman line of guitar amplification!

The new Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini 20 watt, hand-wired head by Friedman Amplification sports a pair of EL84 power tubes, 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and includes a 3 position gain structure switch allowing the mini Dirty Shirley to shine in many genres of music from country, blues and rock by simply adjusting the gain, structure switch and master controls.

Like all it’s counter parts, the Dirty Shirley Mini loves pedals with it’s all new & ultra transparent series effects loop.

The handcrafted cabinet possesses all the quality you would expect from a Friedman product starting with tongue & groove Baltic Birch construction and dressed in black tolex, salt & pepper grill cloth material with silver piping.

Make no mistake, the  Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini is ALL Friedman and possesses the Friedman sound we all know & love with tight bottom end, rich harmonically detailed chords and single notes!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight 1.00 lbs
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