Just wanted to tell how happy I was about the new Hummingbird. I was a little skeptical at first about ordering such a pricey guitar on line, but you made the process very easy and stress free. The guitar was shipped and packed with a lot of care put into it. I can honestly say that I will call you when Im ready for another purchase, possibly the J-200 we spoke about. Thanks for anwering all my questions. I wish you much success in the future. Thanks Again,

Paul - USA

The PRS guitar arrived last Friday in perfect shape. It's an amazing guitar - your service was excellent and rest assured I will gladly refer people to you in the future.

Michael - USA

Everything good! I have the beautiful guitar with me at home. It has all gone well and the Customs has made no problems. Would like to thank again very warmly, for the complete execution. You are a super seller, I'll recommend further! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best regards from Germany [Translated]

Gert - Germany

Greetings From Arizona, The Rickenbacker 4003 Fireglo arrived today & my son is Stoked! It is a real pleasure to do business with you, you made the whole experience easy & simple! If you are reading this testimonial do not hesitate to do business with Kevin, if everyone conducted business as honestly as he does we wouldn’t need Lawyers! Thanks Again Kevin, I will be Back for another one down the road!

Nick - USA

The guitar arrived today! Let me just say, i'm not only blown away by the AMAZING sound of this thing and the speed/quality of the courier but you're service and professionalism has been second to none. I knew everything would go fine with you mate, you were an open book, every step of the way and it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. I look forward to showing you this amazing amp in action and i also look forward to sending more customers your way. Thank you, my friend, for one of the easiest and most enjoyable purchases i've ever made. Australian retailers could learn a lot from the US business ethical code. Thank you again Kevin!! I'll be in touch soon! Kind Regards,

Jon - Australia

My purchase of the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Custom…again, it’s been a pleasure dealing with you. First off, I’ll tell you that I’m more than happy with my purchase and my dealings with Jelyfinger…Kevin promptly replied to ever single email question, and even more amazing, he answered ever phone call and spent a great deal of time talking with me. I do a ton of research before I buy anything, especially a guitar, and Jelyfinger had the best price, by far. My guitar was shipped on time, arrived on time, and in pristine condition, just as promised. I’m already talking with Kevin about buying another guitar, and due to my addiction to guitars, I’m sure it won’t be long, lol…if you are shopping and want to save money on a high-end guitar, look no further!!! Regards,

Jim - USA

NICNow it´s the second time I bought a PRS from you. And as the last time, the guitar is in perfect condition and was shipped fast and securely. Plus it´s the greatest buying experience I´ve ever had online. Really great customer service and totally cool and fun e-mailing back and forth about the instrument and the whole process. If I ever wanna buy another PRS, your store will be my choice. Thanks for everything! Cheers my friend!

Nic - Germany

Thanks for the Snakeskin Bogner Shiva 20th! It's so bad ass, best amp ever! My roommate called me at work right when it was delivered, left my job, went home and ripped open the box like a little kid on Christmas. I wasn't able to sleep last night...I woke up with the Manual on my pillow. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself! If anyone reads this Kevin is the master at knowing whats up with quality music products. My order was shipped to me on time, it was wrapped perfectly and just everything went well, 10 out of 10...the whole world is going deaf this weekend thanks to Jelyfinger!

Taylor - USA

Although I have never personally met Kevin....owner of Jelyfinger Guitars....he felt like an old friend from the very first conversation. I have purchased 3 guitars from Kevin and he has just completed meticulous assembly of a high quality pedal board system for me. Aside from his incredible stock of first place gear the customer service is unparalleled. I have fallen in love with all four (4) gear purchases and consider them life time acquisitions I will pass down to my children one day. Kevin guided through his impressive inventory of great priced instruments to find two Les Pauls' and a PRS that had made my personal guitar collection complete. If you want the best service available coupled with the best gear available and all with personable and knowledgeable service then don't look any further than Jelyfinger Guitars. You will buy the instrument/gear of your dreams and make a new friend at the same time. Thanks Kevin!!!

Todd - USA

Kevin Calhoun from Jelyfinger Guitars was the main reason I purchased this guitar. He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about guitars and guitar amps. I highly recommend talking to and purchasing from Kevin. He assured me that the guitar I was purchasing was a gem piece and he was spot on. If you are looking for an honest and knowledgeable guitar Guru, Kevin is the real ticket.

Craig Christensen