Pedalboard 101, finding the best pedal board for you!

Pedalboard 101, finding the best pedal board for you!

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With the mind-blowing pedalboard options available for guitar players today, it is a daunting task to choose a pedalboard that suits your needs being versatile, ergonomic and with the look to make your statement. Pedal boards are available retail, you can order a custom pedalboard to your specifications or you can build your own pedalboard using your choice of materials, power supplies, jacks, hardware, cables, etc…

How to set up a guitar pedal board? First, choose the correct size board. Start by laying out your pedals leaving adequate space between pedals for cable routing & management and being mindful of a nice clean, uncluttered layout with easy accessibility. An important pedalboard size factor is if you plan to add additional pedals in the future. So think ahead and get a big pedalboard for expansion.

With so many companies to choose from such as Blackbird, Pedaltrain, SKB , Trailer Trash & many more, it is mind-boggling to choose the right pedalboard for your needs. That is why Jelyfinger Guitars proudly represents Blackbird Pedalboards, a Florida based, innovative company that, in our opinion, builds the best “bang for your buck”, well thought out & great looking pedalboard plans available today. We currently have  a 12″x24″ pedalboard, 15″x30″ pedalboard and the Feather Board, the smallest pedalboard on the market but able to house & hold a full-sized power supply inside. Perfect for the grab-and-go guitar, bass or acoustic setups where space and portability are at a premium.

The pitch of each Blackbird Pedalboard lends accessibility & comfort regardless of pedal position or placement. This pitch angle design also allows you to mount your favorite power supply & wiring under the board and with the pre-bored holes on the sides & top to mount A/C Power Inlet, ¼” jacks or route your power cables through, it is quite simple to achieve quality results & maintain a professional topside appearance on your board.

The pedalboard frame is made with 3/4″ cabinet grade birch plywood & the top is made using 1/2″ birch plywood. For added strength, Blackbird Pedalboards use a rabbet wood joint at the corners of the frame to ensure maximum durability and bonding. Every section of the frame is also routed out to support the top on all sides. Although the extra wood joinery takes much longer to build, the result is a pedalboard that is crazy strong and can hold up to the abuses of constant use.

blkjkBlack Solderless 1/4″ Jacks provide a simple plug-and-play setup allowing you to be up & running as fast as you can plug them in.

Each pedalboard comes with a Full Loop Velcro Carpet Top that offers the highest bond with Velcro and has a much higher life-cycle than a standard carpet top. Standard are 4″ oval grommets for better cable routing and access. The grommets are all recessed to ensure they wont get in the way of your pedals and give you much more flexibility for wiring and powering your board.

The heavy duty ATA pedalboard cases provide a perfect home for your pedalboard and pedals. They feature 3/8″ Plywood Construction, heavy-duty recessed hardware and are lined with a velcro friendly carpet in the bottom, dense foam on all sides and 1″ egg crate foam in the top. The 1530HC ATA case for the 15″x30″ pedalboard now comes standard with recessed wheels & a side handle for easy transport.

Turn-Key pkg-900Jelyfinger Guitars is the exclusive Blackbird Pedalboard dealer specializing in custom pedalboards with unique tolex finishes & designs and our exclusive  “turn-key” Voodoo Lab power solutions!

We are a Voodoo Labs authorized dealer and offer FREE installation & hard wiring of your Voodoo Lab power supply, A/C inlet & IEC harness when you purchase one of our “Turn-Key” packages.

Buy your Blackbird Pedalboard “Turn-Key” package from us today and let’s start building your dream rig!


As always, if you have questions before you buy, give us a call. We want to be your pedalboard shop and will be happy to help you find the perfect board for your setup!

Check out our Blackbird inventory today! 

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